Ten Ways we can be of Service

  1. Book tee times, schedule and confirm appointments, lunch meetings, follow up after meetings and presentations and eliminate telephone tag with clients.

  2. Keep your contact list current, just send us the business cards you collect and we'll keep your database updated and available.

  3. E-mail overload, we can sort, prioritize, handle what we can, and leave you with the ones that require a personal response.

  4. Work on the road, deliver your tapes and we transcribe and
    e-mail for your review.

  5. Planning a party, conference or seminar, we handle logistics by confirming reservations, attendees, arranging payment and preparing your hand out material.

  6. On the move, we can book and confirm all your travel requirements, air, hotel and vehicle.

  7. Online presence, we can build, maintain, rebuild, and refresh your web site or blog as needed.

  8. Marketing required? We can design attractive brochures, flyers newsletters and websites that brand and enhance your company image.

  9. Looking for something more, we can research articles, statistics and information needed for your project or business.

  10. Follow up, we can assist you in keeping the customers you have by answering inquires, confirm orders, mail out material, thank you notes, and complete surveys.


Give us an hour, here is what we can do!!

  • Phone a minimum of 12 clients for a specific project.
  • Mail merge 50 letters including stuffing and mailing.
  • Create a viable prospect list of 25-30 contacts.
  • Data Entry of a minimum of 75 contacts in an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Create correspondence for a client or prospect.
  • Edit and proof a minimum of a five page report.
  • Setup the process for an ezine or newsletter.
  • Balance a monthly bank statement.
  • Update web site content.
  • Transcribe a half hour of audio.
  • Research for a specific project.
  • Type handwritten notes from a seminar.
  • Make edits to 1-5 web pages (depending on # of changes).
  • Post 3-4 blog entries.
  • Submit a press release to 5 sites.
  • Submit an article to 5 sites.
  • Do follow-up research on a client, prospect, applicant, or competitor.
  • Convert document files to PDF format.
  • Build a custom spreadsheet.
  • Proofread a narrative of up to five pages.
  • Edit and proof copy for five Web pages.
  • Make calls to confirm your appointments, engagements, or reservations.
  • Copy edit and proofread a brochure.
  • Stuff, seal, label, and stamp a bulk mailing of 50 letters.
  • Write a blog entry.
  • Analyze and update basic SEO elements for a 5 page web site.
  • Create PDF's for numerous company documents, whitepapers, charts.
  • Set up a blogging account/program and add the link to the site menu.
  • Research best price/features for a needed service, technology, or item.