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We are administrative assistants for offices without administrative assistants and so much more. Perhaps your business could use an extra pair of hands or you chose not to hire a full-time assistant. It could be that your current assistant does not have the skill set required for your project, or you have a highly sensitive project that must be taken offsite. You may be a private company who has no employees at this time. If any of the above describes you, then contact the "Energy Assistant".

What is an "Energy Assistant"?

A virtual assistant who is a trained independent business owner. Working out of their own offices, they set their own rates, operating standards and policies, They pay their own payroll, taxes and health benefits. As a virtual assistant I assist large and small businesses by taking care of small projects and dealing with your administration duties. I work hard to assist in creating and maintaining some work life balance. Visit our Services page to see some examples of what a virtual assistant can save you time and money.

When you work with the energy assistant you only pay for actual hours worked and only contract with them when you have projects needing completion. No more employee taxes and benefits, no more sick days or nonproductive hours. You do not need extra office space, technology and equipment. The energy assistant will save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours a year; time and money that can go towards the growth of your business. See our rate comparison chart to view the savings you will recieve if you call us today.